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By Our Reporter

Due to nationwide blood shortage , the leader of opposition in parliament Nandala Mafabi and other MPs  today donated blood at parliament.

Mafabi who was leading a blood donation campaign said that he has visited many hospitals in the country and most of them have no blood.

He cited an example of a parliamentary staff Remmy Wamala who recently passed on at International Hospital Kampala due to shortage of blood.

Other MPs who  donated blood today include, Wafula Ogutu MP Bukooli central, Atiku Bernard MP Ayivu County, Denis Obua MP Ajuri County, Peter Ogwanga youth MP northern and Alepe Simon Peter ,MP Moroto municipality.

Mafabi called upon the MPs  to mobilize their constituents to donate more blood to the Blood Bank.

“The  need for blood does not discriminate. It could be your mother, your children and others who need it. We should all join the campaign of donating blood since our country has a blood crisis” Said Ajuri County MP Danis Obua.

“Blood saves lives of pregnant mothers, accident victims, anemic patients and almost every sick person needs blood” He added.

Mafabi further stated that Uganda Blood Transfusion to be given the mandate to purchase the screening kits instead of living it to the National Medical Stores .He also wants government to come up with a law on blood donation.