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By Our Reporter

Aruu county MP Odonga Otto (FDC) has written to the director of legislative and legal services at parliament requesting to draft for him a private members bill which will regulate and control the production, distribution and sale of alcohol in the country.

While addressing news reporters at parliament, Otto said that, the bill will prohibit the sale of alcohol before 5pm and after 3:00am

“This bill will also prohibit the sale of alcohol to persons under the age of 18 even when they are on errands and will prohibits the sale of any alcohol drinks in sachets (Kavera). The bill will provide for packing of all alcohol drinks in glass bottles not in sachets or plastic bottles” He said.

“The bill will also seek the prohibition of selling more than 0.35milgrams of alcohol by a bar attendant to a person suspected to be driving and will further provide for prohibitive sentences of 1000 currency points to any bar found selling alcohol before 5pm and will prohibit the establishment of bars in residential areas, promotions, drives and road side sale of alcohol in vehicles. It will also provide for 60% portion of a branded logo on a drink to indicate a message showing the dangers of alcohol” He noted.

Meanwhile Lamwo district woman MP Sarah  Lanyero seconded the proposal of Hon Otto to bring a private members bill saying that it will stop the un necessary deaths of people who die because of alcohol. “We are losing so many people as a country because of alcohol” she noted.