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By Jane Nambi

A mother banned  anyone coming in the proximity of her children to use the word ‘fat’, especially in her home.

46-year-old Stefanie Wilder-Taylor from Encino, Calif. banned the word ‘fat’ from her home after her then 5-year-old daughter told her she would not drink soda because it makes her fat. At the time, her child went for a summer camp when a counselor used the word “fat”.
“‘Mommy, I can’t drink soda because drinking soda gives you a fat tummy,’” Wilder-Taylor said of her daughter’s response. “I was horrified. They are too young to be thinking about dieting or whether they are too fat or too thin.”

An outspoken author and comedian, Wilder-Taylor made a rule to not allow the word to be used by anyone in her house, and even wrote a blog about the same issue. “Let’s not talk about self-hating our bodies in front of my kids,” said Wilder-Taylor. “I’ve got three young girls here and impressionable.”

To show that women of all shapes and sizes look beautiful at all times, she loves dancing in front of her daughters. “I do little booty shakes in front of my kid’s face,” she said. “I try to let them know that, ‘Yeah, you know, my butt might be a little big, but it’s awesome.’”

“We as parents give them responsibility to others to help them interpret messages,” one parent reacted to the blog while another said, “I think, ‘It makes you fat,’ or that kind of stuff should just be left off the table.”