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By Jane Nambi

A man beat up his six-year-old son, poured hot water on him claiming he had stolen sh12,000 from him.

Badru Kisitu, a resident of Masajja Kibira, Makindye, beat up his son, Jumah Bukenya who at the time was studying in S.1 at Joy Primary School in Masajja to death. A mechanic, Kisitu lived with his son and daughter, 13-year-old Mariam Nakku. According to his neighbors, he has been mistreating the children and just before the incident which killed his son, he had just been released from prison for mistreating the children.

Man Kills 6 Year Old SonNarrating the events which led to the death of her sister, Nakku said it was 9:00am Sunday when their father called both of them asking them the whereabouts of sh12,000. “We answered we did not know. That was when he entered the bedroom and removed a cane and started beating Bukenya saying ‘you boy you are a thief, give me my money, let me beat you even if it means killing you.’ When Bukenya saw the canes were too many, he told father that the money was in the bedroom and when they reached the bedroom, the money was not there and he begun afresh to beat him up saying he was now a liar.

“He then got a water pipe and used it to beat him up until he burst open his head and blood started oozing out. Bukenya then told dad that the money was outside and they got outside but he continued to beat him up. They then searched for the money and it was not there.”

Nakku continues to narrate saying after searching for the money outside, they got back inside the house, in the bedroom and he started beating him with a belt. In a bid to save his life, the 6-year-old once again told his father the money was outside and they had to go out again to look for the money.

“He then asked dad for water to drink but he did not mind, he just continued to beat him up. Even when he stopped crying, dad just continued beating him up,” Nakku continues to narrate. After beating him up to his satisfaction, Kisitu went back into the house and told Nakku to go and get his brother. “When i carried him, his neck was slagging. When we reached the house, he asked for water and drank a little then asked to sleep. Father told me to bathe him and take him to the bedroom and rest him on the floor.”

They did not check up on Bukenya until 6:00pm when Kisitue asked Nakku to go and check on him. “When i reached, his body was cold,” Nakku recalls. “I went and informed father that it seemed as though Bukenya was dead but he instead asked me to cook water and when it was boiled, that i should go and pour it on him. After pouring the hot water on him, father started peeling off his skin and told me that if asked, i should say he fell in boiling beans.”

It was at this time that Kisitu called his brother on Monday morning to inform them of the death. The body of lifeless body of Bukenya was taken wrapped in a white bed sheet by some men who worked with Kisitu and left. “He later called me and told me that they were going to bury im in Nkokonjeru,” Nakku went on to reveal the ordeal.

Bukenya was buried in the presence of his father and some of his father’s relatives. However, at the moment, police is looking for Kisitu to pay for his crimes.