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A terrified impala jumped into a car full of tourist at Kruger National Park in South Africa to escape from  hungry cheetahs.

The animal jumped into the car through a window of a Toyota Prado, taking advantage of what the U.K. Daily Express aptly called a window of opportunity.

The scene was captured by  South African tourist Samantha Pittendrigh on her mobile phone.

“We started freaking out going crazy,” Pittendrigh, 20, told the Daily Express. “We couldn’t believe it. We were absolutely dumbstruck.

“We watched the cheetah chasing the impala. We saw a few of them turn around in the bushes towards the road they were running from. All of a sudden we saw the impala jump out of the bushes and then someone started screaming, ‘It is in the car! It is in the car!’

A frigtened impala jumping into the car full of tourists

People in other cars screamed, ‘Open the door! Open the door!’” The door was opened and the impala jumped out.