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By Emmanuel Omona

Seven were  destroyed by a storm which stirred through Gulu municipality on Thursday Evening .

The heavy rain begun at around  5:00PM and stopped  at around 6:00PM destroying huts in Kabedo Opong village.

Nelson Opoka, one of the residents whose huts were destroyed by the heavy storm said that he was not in the house at the time it started raining.

“I was in Gulu town and when I went back home I found my hut destroyed ,now I do not know what to do”, Opoka explained.

Teddy Akwero, a mother of 2 was in her house at the time it started raining.

“I took my children to the next hut but  it was also  destroyed by the heavy storm. We were squeezed in a corner because the whole  hut was leaking” ,Akwero explained.

The residents now want the well-wishers such as Red Cross and non-governmental organizations in Gulu to help them so that they may re-elect their huts.