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Kirby de Lanerolle, a man from Sri Lanka says he has lived without food for the last five years.

Although experts believe humans can only live for two months without a meal, Kirby de Lanerolle insists he has only needed fresh air as nourishment.

The breatharian also claims his lifestyle – which he says harnesses light, wind and the ‘vibrations of God’ – can reverse the ageing process and make him immortal.

Kirby de Lanerolle a breatherian who has not eaten food for the last five years

Kirby de Lanerolle- a breatherian who says he has not eaten food for the last five years

He admits to having eaten seven 500-calorie meals over the last ten months, but claims they made him feel ill.

He said: ‘In this consciousness, when I do eat food, it makes me feel very tired. And my alertness goes away when I eat now.’

Kirby de Lanerolle  now wants to teach others to be breatharians, but experts are worried about his claims because some people have died trying adopt the lifestyle.