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By Sandra Birungi

Musician and philanthropist, Angela Katatumba opened up about her failed marriage to Alonzo Ward.

A daughter to H.E Bonny Katatumba, a Ugandan consul to Pakistan, Angela is the only daughter among a family of eight children and a twin of Rugiirwa Allan Katatumba.

Angela was married for eight years but suffered a violent marriage. “I moved to Chicago for a man and he managed to leave me in a city where I knew no one!” she said. “I was the bread-winner but my husband Alonzo Ward was violent,” she added.

Angela Katatumba Opens Up About Failed Marriage“He would break things in the house and at one point cut up our couch because I had resigned from my job. He would come home late and being young, I would stay up crying, worrying and waiting for him to come home.” Angela went ahead and revealed that her marriage to Ward made her the black sheep of her family. “Because of him, I was alienated from my family so when things got bad, I didn’t really have anyone to open up to. I tried so hard to save my marriage but in spite of all I had put up with, Alonzo told me one night that he was done. I cried and begged him to stay but he just looked at me and reminded me that nothing lasts forever. I got to a point of begging God to take my life because I was hurting so bad.”

Asked what she did to get back to her feet, she revealed that her father advised her to read the bible and get closer to God. “Things were beginning to look up and by the time Alonzo came back to work it out a month later, I was done! I had regained my self-confidence and had so many great things going on for me.”

It was after the failed marriage that she decided to come back home after advice from her mother. “I had left when I was 13 years and by the time I returned, Uganda had changed so much. Alonzo this whole time thought I needed a break and constantly asked when I would be going back. After 5 years, I guess he figured it out and sent me divorce papers which I signed immediately and sent back. He was shocked that I had done it so fast but I knew what I wanted and a violent marriage at that point wasn’t in the cards for me.”

“What more does a woman need to get out of a marriage? Alonzo never hit me but soon we would have run out of things to break and then he would have turned to me. No woman should stay in this kind of marriage because they could end up dead.”

At the moment, her private life remains private, no one knows if she is dating someone or not.