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A British designer  has been saved by Zimbabwean researcher Moses Murandu, from horrific tormenting wounds from which he endured 13 years of never ending pain.

British doctors had  failed to diagnose problem for 13 years until Murandu brought simple sugar.Countless British surgeons  struggled to diagnose or even understand how Mr Derek Ripley’s horrific and stubborn ulcer-like wounds could be handled.

Since they began in 2000, Ripley’s wounds only worsened, his flesh being eaten into by the strange infection. At some point ,Ripley could no longer wear shoes and was eventually forced into a wheelchair.

“…where the dogs would want to come and jump and say hello, instantly it would be in my legs. So it came to the point where they either wouldn’t bring them, or they (the dogs) would have to stay in the garden,” he said.

Derek Ripley poses for a photo with Moses Murandu(middle)

He recovered his joy once again when the Zimbabwean man applied sugar on the wound.The Sugar  was applied late last month. New images reflect a healthy Ripley freely throwing his arms effortlessly tapping where the wounds once existed.