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Former South  African  president Nelson Mandela is reported to be in a critical but stable condition.His family members however say ,he has been unresponsive for some days at Pretoria hospital where he is receiving treatment .

His liver and kidneys are down to 50% which points at the fact that he has a few days to live.As for his burial .His family members have been clashing over where to keep his honored remains .But but nearly 20 years ago he made his general wishes clear: he wanted to be buried in Qunu, and he wanted to keep things simple, even while recognising that his funeral would inevitably be a state affair.

In January 1996, Mandela gave three broad instructions with regard to his burial. He did not want any interference with a state memorial service and various associated ceremonies; he wanted to be buried in his ancestral home of Qunu in the Eastern Cape, rather than in a more prominent location in the capital; and he wanted a grave marker of simple stone on site of his grave.

Nelson Mandela Memory

Nelson Mandela

Qunu is a small rural village in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province, 32 km (20 mi) south-west of Mthatha on the road between Butterworth and Mthatha.Mvezo on Mbashe River is near where former South African President Nelson Mandela was born, and Qunu is where he grew up and later retired in May 2012. It is the village to which Nelson Mandela’s father relocated after being deposed as Mvezo chief. In his autobiography Long Walk to Freedom, Mandela describes Qunu as where he spent the happiest moments of his childhood.

So far ,not new report has been made concerning a change in his burial wishes .