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By Mirembe Martina

President Museveni has called upon the ‘people of the West’ to be weary because the people in the third world countries are an endangered species.

Uganda Will be a First World Country 50 Years From Now - President MuseveniPresident Museveni, while addressing the State of the Nation Address talked about Uganda being a third world country to which he said, “Those people of the West should know that people of the third world are an endangered species. In 50 years from now, Uganda will be a first class countries. You do not expect a country which has over 1 million people to be a third world country for long,” he said.

The president has addressed issues affecting Uganda. He pointed out that Malaria is still the number one taker of lives in the country attributing 40-50% of the deaths to the disease. “We should get rid of the mosquitoes. I am proud that the NRM has expended energy to improve human resource development in Uganda,” he said.

While talking about boosting the economy of the country, President Museveni said oil and gas will, among other things contribute to electricity generation.  “Oil and gas will as well contribute to the electricity generation in the country,” he said.

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