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By Sandra Birungi

Since the death of ‘Contagious’ singer, Sera Nampijja, record label Swangz avenue has failed to replace her.

Irene NtaleHowever, the record label has since replaced the late singer whom they believe will even be better than the late Sera. The new replacement is called Irene Ntale who has already released a new song featuring Bebe Cool titled, Love Letter. The song is already a hit on airwaves.

Sera passed away last year in August of suspected poisoning in Masaka as she was leaving a burial for one of her producer’s fathers. However, it is also believed that because of the ulcers she had, she could have passed away as a result of the ulcers. Her postmortem report has till today not yet been released. According to one account of Sera’s death, she started vomiting blood and more blood was coming out through the mouth, nose and ears when she was admitted to hospital and died soon afterwards.

Swangz Avenue Replaces Sera