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By Emmanuel Omona

The Uganda AIDS Commission has encouraged religious leaders to take lead in fights against HIV/AIDS.

Dr. Peter Mudiofe the head of HIV/AIDS prevention in Uganda AIDs commission said this during a work shop at Boma Hotel in Gulu.

Uganda AIDS Commission was launching a report titled “The Epidemic is rising Again, protect your child and your spouse”.

Dr. Mudiofe claimed that it very strategic for the religious leaders to their congregations about HIV/AIDS since they are most listened.

“It is very important that you speak to your people about HIV/AIDS since you meet them every time and they believe in you always. If we continue doing this for many years, we shall fight the scourge”, The Doctor explained.

Luka Nyeko Kitgum district chairperson supported the idea saying that there were many HIV/AIDS Patients who did not want to take their medicines because they think they are already useless in the society.

“The church should help us really if we are to fight AIDS in this and talk to such people so that they may stay longer though they have the HIV”, Nyeko said.