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By Mirembe Martina

Former Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga has been robbed of approximately Kshs8.5 million from his private office in Upper Hill in Nairobi on Monday.

So far, detectives are questioning two of his employees over the disappearance of the money which was stolen on Monday night. The two are two administration police officers who were on guard at the premise at the time of theft. Their statements have been recorded.

Raila Odinga Robbed of Ksh 8.5 MillionIt was at first reported that $1,000 was stolen but Nairobi police chief Benson Kibui confirmed that it was $10,000 which was stolen. The new figure was confirmed after the workers were interrogated.

Stolen also were files, computers and other electronic goods. “This seems to be an inside job but our officers are on the ground pursuing various leads. They must be people who knew such amount of money was there,” said Kibui. Odinga said the thieves might have used a master-key to enter the Raila Odinga Centre in Upper Hill as the door was intact.

The stolen files contained information on his business, political and personal issues. The center also serves as a private office and was Mr Odinga’s campaign headquarters in 2007 and was also used in the March polls.