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By Emmanuel Okwii

While the government is in its struggle to cut down the number of HIV/AIDS infections in the country through  encouraging  safe male circumcision, parents and caretakers in Bugondo Sub County in Serere district are doing their best to fight the initiative.

The headmistress of Kongoto primary school in Bugondo sub County, Ms. Belinda Alungat, on Monday called upon the district education and health leaders in Serere to intervene in a situation that has left her school almost empty.

According to her, the parents of this area have told their children to stay at home in order to avoid being circumcised by the mobile circumcision team.

“These parents should be sensitized because they are putting the future of these young ones at stake. They should be told that circumcision is voluntary not mandatory,” Ms. Alungat said.  Alungat also added that some pupils that were interviewed told her that their parents had told them to run away from school because the headteacher would make them get circumcised.

The school that boasts of a total of 836 pupils has since seen its enrolment drop to 525 following a circumcision drive that was carried out at Apapai Health Centre IV, a nearby facility. Reports have it that parents have told their children to flee in case they see any government vehicle coming into their school such that they escape being circumcised.