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By Mildred Nambi

A commissioner in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) has been charged before the Anti Corruption Court in connection with diverting over 121 million shillings allegedly spent on nonexistent workshops.

Norbert Katsirabo (43), was charged with diversion of public resources contrary to section 6 of the Anti Corruption Act 2009, an alternative count of embezzlement and false accounting by a public officer.

He denied all the charges before Grade One Magistrate, Sarah Langa, who later released him on a cash bail of 5 million shillings.

Prosecution alleges that Katsirabo, knowingly furnished false accountability documents in respect of 121 million shillings purportedly spent on the workshop held at Rider Hotel in Seeta for the district leaders implementing the Luwero/Rwenzori program and yet such a workshop never took place.

Under the charge of diverting public resources, prosecution alleges that Mr Katsirabo diverted over 121 million shillings to his own benefit that was meant for a workshop for district leaders involved in the Luwero/Ruwenzori Development program.

The offenses were allegedly committed during the year of 2011.

He returns to court on July 5 for mention of his case since investigations into the case are still ongoing.

Once convicted of the charge diversion of public resources, Mr Katsirabo stands to be jailed up to 10 years, or pay a fine not exceeding 240 currency points (Shs4.8m), or both.

On the charge of false accounting, he stands to be jailed up to three years or fine of 72 currency points (Shs1.4m) or both and up to 14 years for the alternative count of embezzlement.

The OPM has lately been rocked with massive corruption scandals with about 50 billion shillings allegedly swindled by the officials employed there.