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A species of bird that is completely new to science has been discovered – hiding in plain sight in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh,The Guardian reports

The Cambodian tailorbird (Orthotomus chaktomuk), as it has been named, was first spotted in 2009 during routine checks for avian flu.

Known for its distinct plumage and a loud call, the bird was discovered by scientists from conservation groups, including WCS and BirdLife International.

The bird was named after a Phnom Penh riverfront area “chaktomuk” — the conjunction of three rivers — where it was found, the (WCS) said in a statement.

New Bird Species Found

“The discovery indicates that new species of birds may still be found in familiar and unexpected locations,” Mahood added.

“The new bird teaches us that conservation of birds and other wildlife begins at home and that we can all play a part in protecting Cambodia’s wildlife.”