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By Mirembe Martina

First Son, Brig. Muhoozi Kainerugaba has decided to open up about Gen. David Sejusa’s succession allegations.

Denying the allegations, Brig. Muhoozi said the talk was merely created. “Uganda is not a monarchy where leadership is passed on from father to son. This so-called (Muhoozi) project is a people’s creation,” Muhoozi said in a statement released by Special Forces Spokesman Edson Kwesiga.

Brig. Muhoozi KainerugabaThe 39 year old is a one-star general and commands the 10,000-strong Special Forces Command. In the statement, Brig Muhoozi seems to question why he was being sucked into the succession debate when he has “not declared that he wants to stand for President”. “The power to choose how Uganda is governed lies with Ugandans and not a single individual (President Museveni) as some people would want us to believe,” Capt Kwesiga said.

Referring to Brig Muhoozi, Capt Kwesiga said: “He says that Uganda is not a monarchy where leadership is passed on from father to son. However, he is a Ugandan who qualifies to stand for any elective position of his choice.”

The Constitution provides that any Ugandan, who is a citizen by birth, is not under 35 or above 75 years; and, has completed at least high Advanced-level education or its equivalent is eligible to present themselves for election as President.