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By Jumah Nsubuga

Female MPs have today opposed president Museveni directive to fire all male mid-wives.

President Museveni during the state of the nation address held at Serena hotel earlier this month directed the ministry of Health together with local governments to fire all the Male mid-wives.

“I have heard that pregnant women don’t want to go there because they fear to be handled by male mid-wives “In culture a woman is supposed to be handled by a fellow woman. The system of male to work on women should immediately stop. I urge the ministry of Health to work with local government to sort out this issue” The president said.

The female MPs under Uganda women parliamentary association (UWOPA) says that, the directive should be revised because both male and female gynecologists attend better to women.

While addressing news reporters at parliament today (Wednesday), the vice chairperson of the association who also the Sheema district woman MP Rosemary Nyakikongoro said that, stopping   male gynecologists from attending to women will create discrimination in health sector.

“We need to find out issues which scare pregnant women to be attended to by the male gynecologists than firing them” Hon Nyakikongoro proposed.

“I actually prefer male gynecologist because they have much care than female gynecologists. Stopping them from attending to pregnant mothers will create a gap between male and female workers in health sector. We should be gender sensitive in all government sectors” Said Agago district woman MP Franca Judith Akello who is the secretary general of UWOPA.

“Since they are also qualified health workers, they should be given a chance to exercise their professionalism. Instead of firing them, government should train more female gynecologists” She added.

The female legislators also demanded for alternative health sector funds.

“Health sector is still underfunded and yet the country needs a health population. The  country  has failed to meet the Abuja target of 15%. There is a need to refurbish the health sector in terms of addressing the issues of recruiting more health workers” Said Mitooma district woman MP Jovah  Kamateka.

The 2013/14 national budget of 13.9trillion shillings, government allocated only shs930.5b to health sector which increased from shs852.2b for 2012/13 financial year.