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By Jumah Nsubuga

Legislators expect government to increase salaries for civil servants especially for the teachers and doctors as the minister of finance economic development Maria Kiwanuka delivers the national Budget for the financial year 2013/14.

The shadow minister of Justice and constitutional Affairs Medard Sseggona says that, the 2013/14 financial year budget should focus on increasing the salaries of all civil servants because they are doing a great job as far as the development of this country is concerned.
“I want government to increase salaries for teachers, Judges, doctors and police. Am scared that Ugandans in the coming financial year will pay more taxes to sustain the living of the president” He said.

The state minister for gender and culture Rukia Nakadama says that, she expects government to focus more on infrastructure because they are in bad shape most especially the roads.
“I also want to see more attention on electricity and agriculture. Agriculture is very important because it empowers the people to improve house hold income” She noted.

Meanwhile the shadow minister for local government Betty Nambooze says that, she wants the 2013/14 national budget to focus on population census to enable the country plan for its people.
“It’s very bad to plan for the country without making a census. Government failed to carryout census exercise in the ending financial year due to lack of funds but with this new financial year, the census exercise should be a priority for the government” Hon Nambooze advised.
“I also want government to allocate money for LC1/2 elections in next financial year because LCs are the foundation of governance in this country. Government should also increase money for councilor’s salaries. Councilors resigned their respective jobs to serve the country but government has failed to increase their salaries. Government allocated only 20bshs which is too little for them. Councilors salaries should be increase next financial year to enable them run their offices smoothly” She noted.

“Government should increase the money in Nutrition programmees because the Malnutrition plans seems not to be active.Mal-nutrition is very high in Uganda where by 33% children are stunted while 40% are malnourished. Government should increase money in this programmee next financial year to sensitize people on nutrition” Said Namutumba district woman MP Florence Mutyabule.

“It is a must civil servant salaries be increased because government promised to increase them next financial year of which it has come” Said workers MP Marion Tunde.

“My desire in this budget is to see health budget increased and lecturers and teachers salaries should also be raised” Said Kabale district woman MP Ronah Ninsiima.

“For me I want to see money for agriculture increased most especially special loan for local farmers” Said Bujumba country MP Badda Fred.
Government passed a total of 11 trillion shillings for 2012/13 financial year which is ending at the end of this month. The country is now waiting for the new financial year’s budget which will be read tomorrow at Serena Hotel by the minister finance and economic development Maria Kiwanuka.