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By Emmanuel Okwii

Kibuku and Budaka  District Projects that are run by the development fund from the government have virtually stalled following the delayed release of the fourth quarter funds by the government. The projects which include the construction of classroom blocks, drilling of boreholes, excavation of pit-latrines and the construction of teachers accomodation are have  momentarily been halted because of lack of funds.

The Kibuku district LC chairperson, Mr Mohammed Nakeba,said that although work plans and budgets had been submitted to the ministry of finance,  the ministry officials said that  they didn’t have money to fund the activities.

“ Up to now, we haven’t yet received comprehensive explanation as to why the ministry has not released funds for the fourth quarter to run these activities. the concerned ministry  should give us a way forward”

Mr. Nakeba said. According to him, this implies that the district will have to roll down its debts into the next financial year thereby affecting next year’s projects.

He also said that it was not the first time that districts were feeling the financial pinch because funding had not been stable in teh last three years. This, he said, had made  the implementation of projects in the district more complicated. “to make matters worse, the government doesnt communicate,” he said.

In Budaka, the Chief administrative officer, Mr John Katotoroma, in a press interview said that the district had anticipated receiving about 1billion but because of budgetary cuts,  they were only able to salvage  shs 700m.

“ The district [Budaka] has continued with normal implementation of projects although withdrawal of funding by the donars has had a very big impact on us.  The predicament is not palatable as the last three years were punctuated by irregularities in funding from the government,”Mr Katotoroma said. he also went ahead to say that the shortfall was not only affecting Budaka, but  all districts in the country.