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By Emmanuel Omona

The President of the Democratic Party Norbert Mao has attacked the East and Central African top leaders saying that they are to blame for all the instabilities in Africa.

Mao who was speaking at Boma Hotel on Thursday thinks that Africa presidents especially those in the great lakes region do not have good governance a reason he gives for the roaming of Joseph Kony in East and Central African Countries.

“We have President Joseph Kabila in DRC, President Kaguta Museveni in Uganda and another one in CAR, why can’t they do something”, Mao asked.

Mao also argues that most of the presidents want to send their troops in Afghanistan, Somalia, Darfur but they have failed to end the LRA insurgency in East and Central African Countries.

“The guns are silent but we do not have peace and there are many people who are pretending that there is no insecurity”, Mao said.

Mao also thinks that if Kony is attacking CAR and DRC, the instability is also felt by Ugandans.

“Before you treat a disease, you first give it a name and a disease which has no name is difficult to treat”, Mao explained.

Mao noted  that Ugandans will never be fine until all the children still in captivity of LRA have been brought back to their homes.