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By Jane Nambi

Doctors saved the life of a newly born baby using superglue.

The doctors of University of Kansas Hospital closed an aneurysm on the baby’s brain using surgical superglue.

The parents of Ashlyn Julian rushed their daughter to hospital after they realized she had changed since her birth. She was a heavy sleeper but it was hard to wake her up to feed her. After a while, she began screaming and vomiting. At the emergency room, doctors found an aneurysm in Ashlyn’s brain. She was soon transferred to KU hospital.

Doctors Save Baby's Life Using Superglue 1“We did not know what the right answer was. This was not a textbook case,” said Dr. Koji Ebersole, an endovascular neurosurgeon. “If you try to treat the baby without closing the aneurysm … most of those babies can’t survive. So we had a strong reason to develop a plan to close the aneurysm.”

Ashlyn had already experienced one bleed from the aneurysm by the time she was rushed to KU hospital and before her surgery she would experience a second. To treat brain aneurysms, the skull has to be opened but Ashlyn’s age would not allow for that option. Instead of the surgery instead, Ebersole closed the aneurysm with special surgical superglue.

A day after the procedure, Ashlyn was doing much better. “I think we’re driven because we know it’s the right thing to do,” said Ebersole on the successful procedure. “You don’t know if you can get it done, but you have a very good reason to try, and when it goes your way, that means something. At least it does for me.