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By Jane Nambi

With the latest cyber crime on the rise, celebrities around the world have been affected.

The recent victim of hacking is Angelina Jolie’s body double, Eunice Huthart.

Whereas Jolie’s finances were hacked, it was Huthart’s phone which was hacked. According to a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in central California on Friday, Huthart alleged that voicemail messages to her cell phone were intercepted in order to get information on Jolie for a British newspaper published by News Corp.

Angelina Jolie's Body Double Hacked

Huthart says she’s worked as Jolie’s stunt double on films including “Beyond Borders” and “Tomb Raider 2.” A British citizen, Huthart has periodically worked as a stunt double for Jolie in the U.S. and claims to have lived with Jolie in a Brentwood, Calif., house during the filming of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”.

She further reveals that, from 2004 to 2005, she began to receive complaints from family and friends that their phone messages to her weren’t being returned but insisted that had not received the messages. She later on found out that her cell phone PIN number had been changed on multiple occasions, blocking her from receiving messages.

Huthart goes ahead and cites two May 2005 stories one being Jolie threatening to quit the movie business, and another, published in the Sun, about Jolie’s desire to learn off-road biking believing they were got after intercepting her voice mails.

Huthart is seeking unspecified damages for alleged violation of the Stored Communications Act, violation of the Wiretap Act and intrusion into private affairs, among other offenses.