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By Emmanuel Omona

Chiefs in both Acholi and Lango sub Regions have been left dump founded after a clandestine stone used for performing sacrifice to bring rains have been discovered stolen.

The trouble begun over last week end when the residents of Paimol in Agago District demanded their chief-Rwot Bernard Owiny Bongi to perform a sacrifice to bring  rain which they said that had taken long without falling down.

The Agago residents who are mainly farmers are reportedly squeezed Rwot Bernard Owiny but he could not justify where the stone was, and later on escaped from the palace in Agago leaving the residents enraged.

The residents later on turned their angers on the Prime minister who revealed that the stone was given by Rwot Owiny to Justine Okidi to sell and get some money.

It was also known that Okidi, one of Sons Rwot Owiny when given the secret stone, decided to give it to Moses Okao, a resident of Lira district.

The enraged Agago residents demanded for the police to intervene and both Rwot Owiny and his son Justine Okidi were arrested.

Patrick Jimmy Okema the police spokesperson for Aswa region when contacted on the matter confirmed that Rwot Owiny was released while his son Okidi was still detained.

“The Rwot was released following the fact that he is a Rwot [Chief] and we are still investigating the matter”, Okema said.

The police also said that they are still hunting Moses Okao, who is suspected to be with the secret stone used for performing miracle to bring rains.

For over 3 months now, some parts of Acholi region has not been receiving rain. This has inconvenienced many residents who mainly depend on farming.

However, many of the farmers who planted their crops when they received the first rain early this are disappointed because all their crops have become stunted due to the biting sun shine.