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By Sandra Birungi

6-year-old transgender girl, Coy Mathis has won the right to use the female bathroom at her school.

As early as 18 months old, Coy Mathis started moving towards wanting girl’s things like clothes and toys but it was at the age of four when she asked her parents when they were ‘going to fix her up’ so that she can be a girl. Her parents decided to help her out and started undergoing changes to help boost her life as a girl. Among them was lining up in the girl’s bathroom since she felt she was a girl.

Coy MathisHowever, everything changed last year in December when her school’s principal of Eagleside Elementary School informed Mathis’ parents that the school had reversed its position on allowing Coy to use the girls’ restroom and as an alternative, Coy would be allowed to use the bathroom in the nurse’s office or the one reserved for teachers.

Mathis’ parents, Kathryn and Jeremy Mathis said the school’s decision would end up stigmatizing their daughter. They filed a complaint about their daughter’s right to use the girl’s bathroom. Since filing the complaint, they moved to the Denver suburb of Aurora, and Coy has been educated at home.

The panel in the US state of Colorado said Coy Mathis’ school had ignored her gender identity and created an environment “rife with harassment” a decision which the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, which assisted the family’s case, were thrilled with the decision. “This ruling sends a loud and clear message that transgender students may not be targeted for discrimination and that they must be treated equally in school,” Executive Director Michael Silverman said in a statement.

6 Year Old Transgender Girl, Coy Mathis Wins Right to Use Female Bathroom 1Coy’s mother, Kathryn was “thrilled that Coy can return to school and put this behind her”.

“All we ever wanted was for Coy’s school to treat her the same as other little girls.”