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Tintswalo Ngobeni a  22-year-old woman from Swaziland has  fled to Britain after refusing to join the harem of 13 wives of Swazi King Mswati III.

Ngobeni fled to Britain after she caught the attention of the millionaire monarch,the Daily Mail reported.The Beauty who now lives in Birmingham, was 15 when the King made his advances after seeing her at the palace of his fourth wife. She said she was terrified when she learned of his marriage intentions.

Ngobeni was forced to abandon a comfortable lifestyle in a private boarding school and escape to Britain.

“Recently I had news that people had been sent from Swaziland to come and get me, which really scares me. If I went back, I would be arrested or much worse as there are people there who are tortured, beaten up or killed for being politically active.” She said

Tintswalo Ngobeni

Tintswalo Ngobeni

Miss Ngobeni  lives in fear of having to return to Swaziland, after her first plea for political asylum in England in 2007 was denied in 2011.

Last month, she was arrested and taken to an immigration detention centre after 18 months of reporting weekly to the authorities.

King Mswati Swaziland

As part of Swazi custom, 45-year-old King Mswati III is permitted to choose a new bride every year. He is father to 27 children. The King’s sixth wife escaped from the royal harem last year, citing years of “emotional and physical abuse” by her husband.