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By Emmanuel Okwii

The Administration of Ngora Freda Carr Hospital in Ngora district has been blamed for the negligence that resulted in the death of the expectant district’s woman councilor shortly after labour.

Faith Norah Atim, 38, a councilor who had been representing Ngora town Council reportedly went to the hospital while experiencing labour pains and died soon after a caesarian section under unclear circumstance.

Eye witness accounts had it that the operation in which conjoined twins were safely delivered resulted into a complication in which the deceased complained of severe stomach pain. She is said to have told the nursing aids around to tell the doctor that her stomach was slowly distending, accompanied with intense pain.

However, there was no qualif1ied staff at the moment apart from trainees in the ward to attend to her in order to avert this complication. the district Health Officer Ngora, Mr. Robert Ochen, said the expectant mother visited the maternity expecting to deliver safely and was rushed to the theatre after discovery that she would not deliver without ‘assistance’

The RDC for Ngora, Mr. John Henry Ariong, has ordered investigations into the matter saying that the occurrence exhibited gross negligence and lack of service orientation by the medical staff at the hospital.