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By Jane Nambi

Uganda has joined other countries to take part in the HIV/Aids vaccine trial.

She has joined countries such as United States, Kenya and Tanzania.

HIV virus 1The DNA vaccine trial is going to be conducted by Makerere University Walter Reed Project and is in its first phase. The vaccine trial is expected to attract 42 participants from Uganda, 20 from Kenya and Tanzania and 12 from the United States and will be hosted in the respective countries.

While speaking in a meeting on HIV vaccines in Kampala yesterday, Walter Reed Project executive director, Dr Hannah Kibuuka, said a different HIV vaccine trial was also expected to start soon but did not divulge any details. “Right now we have HIV vaccine research on the agenda because we still have so many people getting infected. But if we get an HIV vaccine, it would be a great addition to the interventions that have been developed over the years to fight HIV,” Dr Kibuuka said.

This is not the first vaccine trial Uganda has taken part of. “When people are cured from a disease, scientists conduct studies on that person to learn how the curing process came about but we have not seen any person cured from HIV,” Dr. Kibuuka added.

Ms Monica Millard, the country programme director of Makerere University Walter Reed Project, said of the failed vaccine trials, “Getting an HIV vaccine is very important even though we have other interventions such as safe male circumcision.”