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By Emmanuel Okwii

Leaders from the Teso region have said that they will present a petition before president Museveni on why Teso was not given a slot in the recent appointments and reshuffle of cabinet ministers. The lead petitioner will be the Teso Cultural Union leader, Emorimor Papa Osuban Kadugala Lemukol, together with religious leaders from the region.

Captain Mike Mukula, the Soroti Municipality MP said that since Teso was left out, it would now be incumbent upon the cultural leaders to present the cries of the people of Teso before the president.

The Serere County MP, Mr. Ochola Stephen, said that Musa Ecweru deserved a promotion from state minister to cabinet minister.

“Whatever appointment has been made to this ministry was done in total disregard of the fact that the deputy minister was capable of being appointed a full minister. This action by Museveni is segregative,” Mr. Ochola reportedly said.

Residents from Teso say , the appointments did not equally ensure the equal sharing of the national cake and said Mr. Museveni should be put to task to answer why the region was left out.

Teso currently has one cabinet minister and three state ministers. They include: Jessica Alupo (Minister for Education and Sports), Christine Amongin Aporu (State Minister for Teso Affairs), Musa Ecweru (State Minister For Disaster Preparedness) and Agnes Akiror Egunyu, the Minister of State for Tourism.