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By Emmanuel Okwii

Local government authorities, leaders, stakeholders and residents in the eastern district of Kumi have resolved to chase away all self styled prophets and prophetesses, including traditional healers over allegations that they are responsible for family breakups and wrangles that have become common in the district.

This motion was moved by the Kumi Sub County Councilor, Mr. Gervas Osele saying that the medicine men and the self styled prophets had turned into fraudsters and were so deceptive.

“Kumi sub county council has resolved to have these ‘liars’ evicted from the town and other areas because we have realized that they are not helping us. These people are opportunists and they shouldn’t take advantage of us,” Mr. Osele said.

The Kumi Sub County LC3 Chairperson, Mr. Abdu-Aziz Ongodia said that more than ten families in the sub county had already been disintegrated by the deeds of these medicine men and prophets.

“We don’t know where these people have from and we can’t tolerate them here. We have resolved to have them out because they are thriving on lies at the expense of peace in families here,” Ongodia said. He also added that the people in question had been asked to leave the area and should they insist on staying, then violence would be used to evict them.