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By Sandra Birungi

With his recent release of single ‘I Hit it First’, Ray J insists despite the bad blood between him and Kim Kardashian, he is happy for her and boyfriend, Kanye West with whom she is going to have a baby with sometime in June or July.

Appearing on Daily Shot with Ali Wentworth, Ray J said the song was not particularly about Kim but about his past relationships. “It’s a sensitive subject, so I just kept it neutral,” he said.

Ray J Says He is Happy for Kim KardashianIt was assumed that the song was meant for Kim. Ray J and Kim used to date and even had an [intimate] tape which was released to the media. In the song, Ray J boosts about ‘having’ Kim first before Kanye. Part of the song goes;

she might move on the rappers and ball players but we all know i hit it first
i hop in the club and boppers show love, and i don’t even put in work
i hit it, i hit, i hit it, i hit it, i hit it, i hit it first *2

Kim dated basketball player, Kris Humphries and got married for 72 days. She is now dating Kanye who is a rapper and it is assumed that Ray J was referring to Kim.

Ray J also talked about his hosting gig on Bad Girls All-Star Battle. Asked about why he decided to release the single now, Ray J said, “It was on the schedule.” He emphasized the song was slated for release around the same time as the premiere of Bad Girls All-Star Battle.

Asked if he is happy that Kim is pregnant, he replied saying, “I’m happy for her.”