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By Lydia Nsubuga

High court  held in Mukono presided over by Vicent Zehulikilize has sent back the police officer killers  to Luzira prison on  remand.

Prosecution led by Nasulu Natalo told high court that on 1st/09/2009, Jamir Sasegawa and James Mugisha all drivers at Masaka fish company
shot dead  sagent. Deogrocious  Wamale a police officer attached to Masaka police  station in Mabira forest who had escorted them and dumped his body in Nyendo along the road side.

Prosecution added that on the fateful day Ssegawa  was told to escort a fish vehicle to Jinja which was taking bladder, Ssegawa was given a
double cabin reg. UEK 094L  with a police officer[deaceded ] to escort the vehicle that was carrying  bladder to Jinja.

It is alleged that Ssegawa caused a lot of delays on their way to Jinja and that his plan was to reach Mabira in the darkness so that their mission would be fulfilled.

One of the witnesses Joseph Wambaya a driver of the truck that was carrying fish told court that when they reached Kalisizo from Masaka the truck got a mechanical problem and Segawa was sent back by one of the Indians only identified as Silayisi  to go back and pick the a mechanic but Segawa took like 3 hours ‘without returning.

Wambaya added that when they set off from Kalisizo , Ssegawa again disappeared from  ampala and Wambaya decided to wait for him. So they sent off and when they reached Mukono , again Ssegawa disappeared and that it was now dark .

When they reached Mabira, Ssegawa called an Indian who was in the truck and informed him as the vehicle had again got a mechanical
problem. So they stopped to check on their Escort Segawa and immediately they got out, they were attacked, robbed and put at a gun point.

After they dragged the indain,the driver and another police officer who was in the truck in Mabira forest and drove  way the truck that had the bladder .

However  Another witness  Doreen Ajuna the Grade One magistrate who was in Masaka 2009 and now  in Sembabule told court that  when she was recording the extra Judicial statement from Ssegawa, he confessed having participated in the Killing of his escort who was in his vehicle that  was escorting the truck to Jinja.

Justice Zehulikilize  has sent them back to Luzira prison until 23rd of may 2013, when the phone print outs will be ready.