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By Our Reporter

The Head of the African Union Commission, Dr. Dlamini Zuma, has asked  the Pan African Parliament to address issues that lead to unconstitutional changes of governments on the continent.Dr. Dlamini Zuma was delivering the State of the (African) Union Address at the start of the Second Session of the Third Pan African Parliament in Midrand, South Africa this week.

He  said that  there are still challenges to governance in Africa including unconstitutional changes in government manifesting itself in coups, prolonged stay in power, vote rigging or holding less than credible elections.

Dr. Zuma  sighted rebellions which often suspend democratic institutions including parliaments though he did not mention countries where they are taking place.

“We cannot have a strong Pan African Parliament if democracy is truncated and democratically elected governments are removed through unconstitutional means,” she said.

She added, “It is therefore incumbent upon members of the PAP to ensure that the fundamental causes of unconstitutional changes of government are addressed on the continent by promoting the rule of law, human rights and inclusive governance in our respective countries.”