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By Jumah Nsubuga

Members of parliament have today attacked their colleague Saleh Kamba for filling a case to constitutional court to seek court redress over speaker Kadaga’s ruling on rebel MPs.

MPs who include Mariam Nalubega, Gerald Karuhanga, and Lulume Bayigga among others said that Hon Saleh Kamba’s case means that he has declared a war to parliament.

MP Saleh Kamba

The angry MPs said that Kamba doesn’t have any moral authority to sue parliament because he is very rare at parliament.

“He is just been used by the selfish politicians. If he fails to withdraw the case, we shall also declare a war on him” Said Buikwe south MP Lulume Bayiga.

“If Hon Kamba doesn’t fit in parliament, he should go back to where he belongs. He was in army so he should go back and serve the army than disorganizing parliament” Said Obongi County MP Hassan Kaps Fungaroo.

“We shall do everything it takes to protect the image of parliament and our boss Kadaga. We shall also make sure that the life of speaker Kadaga’s life is not endangered” He added.

“These unserious MPs like Saleh Kamba should be punished for tarnishing the image of parliament. We should really work on Kamba for abusing the rules of parliament. Said Butambala district woman MP Mariam Nalubega.

Hon Saleh Kamba who represents Kibuku County in parliament last week filed a case to constitutional court seeking interpretation on the ruling of the fired rebel MPs.

Kadaga in her ruling said that according to article 83 of the 1995 constitution of Uganda, an MP can only lose his/her seat under the following provisions.
(a)   If he or she resigns his or her office in writing signed by him or her and addressed to the speaker.
(b)   If such circumstances arise that if that person were not an mp would cause that person to be disqualified for election as an mp under article 80 of the constitution.
(c)    Subject to the provision of this constitution upon dissolution of parliament
(d)   If that person is absent from fifteen sittings of parliament is continuously meetings and is enable to offer satisfactory explanation to the relevant parliamentary committee from his/her absence.

Kadaga added that there is no specific provision in the constitution where she can base to dismiss the rebel MPs.

“I did not find those circumstances and I will not direct the clerk to parliament to declare any seat of the rebel MP vacant “Speaker Kadaga noted