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By Sandra Birungi

The media houses which were closed last week are still closed.

Red Pepper, Daily Monitor, KFM and Dembe FM were closed last week on Monday 20th May by police who claimed they had received a court order to search the premises for the source of the ‘Sejusa letters’ which claimed assassination claims of all major opposition to Muhoozi, President Museveni’s son, take over as President of the company.

Daily Monitor has since not been able to publish its daily newspaper both in paper and on-line. In the same way, KFM and Dembe FM are still off air. Red Pepper also still remains closed to date.

The raid of the media houses came after attentetion was given to a letter written by Gen. David Sejusa, the Coordinator of Intelligence Services to the Director General of Internal Security Organisation Col. Ronnie Balya.

In the letter, Gen. Sejusa asked the intelligence agency to investigate claims that there are plots to assassinate top government officials opposed to the “Muhoozi Project.” According to the letter, the ‘project’ intends to prepare the First son and head of the Special Forces Brig. Muhoozi Keinerugaba to succeed President Yoweri Museveni.

Several ministers have come out to criticize the move by police towards the press freedom but in vain.

The crack down on media houses is not new however in the country. As the world still watches, one of the most critical newspapers towards government is still closed but the rest of the country does not wait, life goes on, so do government activities.