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Brad Carter, a musician was awake while undergoing brain surgery .On top of that, he was playing his guitar as the surgery went on.

The US patient was undergoing  treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Mr Carter played the  guitar  to help surgeons pinpoint exactly where to place electorates to treat the effects of his disease.

Carter  was the 500th patient to undergo the surgery at the UCLA Medical Centre. Man Plays Guitar During Surgery
Dr Nader Pouratian said  that though  Mr Carter is not the first to undergo the surgery awake, he was the first to play a guitar.

”We put this electrode, or pace maker, in a very specific part of the brain during the surgery, we keep the patient awake during the surgery to make sure we got the right spot and that it’s stopping the tremor,” Dr Pouratian said.

The surgery won’t cure Mr Carter’s disease but it will help control his tremors so he can continue to rock on.