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By Martha Nakimuli

The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi survived a riot over the weekend  after  the Kamuswaga of Kooki  Apollo Sansa Kabumbuli II warned that the county could break away from Buganda citing a number of grievances  .

The Kabaka was in Kooki to launch the annual Masaza Cup in Rakai  but  before the event ,the Kamuswaga called a press conference at his palace in Rakai town council, to express his anger at Buganda kingdom officials .

The Kamuswaga was furious after  the cancellation of earlier programs and the fact that  he would not be allowed to sit near the Kabaka on the same podium, but would sit with other county chiefs.

“I think the people at Mengo should move at a slow pace, Kooki is very sensitive because it also has a cultural leader, who is recognized by the central government,” he said, hinting also at the possibility of the Kooki Chiefdom breaking away from Buganda.

Kabaka of Buganda

Kabaka of Buganda

The cultural leader had  resolved not to attend the ceremony causing panic to the Kabaka’s team.As tempers  continued to rise, the Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga hastily moved and informed the Kabaka who by this time was already on his way to the venue. For close to an hour, the Kabaka took refuge at Manya Catholic parish after he declined to reach the venue with the Kamuswaga missing.

However , a source  within the royals said  that the Kabaka spoke with the Kamuswaga on phone and the two agreed to go to the venue together.

There was heavy police deployment to control the situation .A number of trucks were seen on the road from Kalisizo through Kyotera to Manya.