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By Maureen Nakigozi

Wife of Martin Angume, Julie Semugga recently released a song asking God to give Martin another chance to live so that he can raise his children.

In the song Julie narrates how life has been going on well when she was with Angume and asks God to  give him one chance at least.

The song begins with her narrating how her parents advised her to take care of herself, the advice she obeyed until she grew up and got a husband whom everyone desired.

Julie Semugga being comforted by relatives shortly after Angume's death

Julie Semugga being comforted by relatives shortly after Angume’s death

She says that things were moving on well and the wedding bells had started rigging and that its the same time Satan interfered with her happiness.

In the song she asks God to let Martin walk again.

One chorus says “Mukama muweeyo chance emu,Martin muweeyo Chance Emu, abamwagala tulibangi, Martin Muweeyo Chance Emu, bafaani be bamwetaga, Martin Muweeyo Chance Emu, bayimbi banee balimumaziga, Martin Muweeyo Chance Emu, abaana bange bakule ne daddy, Martin Muweeyo Chance Emu,  Muweeyo mukisa gumu bweguti, Martin Muweeyo Chance Emu”

She refereed to king Ezekiah  whom God gave another chance to live again and asked him to also do it for Angume because he has been serving him wholeheartedly.She also told him that she does not want to be called that name they give a woman who has lost her husband (widow)

Martin Angume and Julie in Hospital

Martin Angume and Julie in Hospital

In the same song she asked her parents to be strong that very soon Martin will be fine and he will come to visit them as he promised.

She also thanked all Martin’s friends who have been there for him and the doctors  who worked tirelessly to save his life.

However, this was not possible, her prayers were not answered as Martin breathed his last on Monday afternoon at Mulago hospital. He succumbed to Kidney, Liver and Lungs complications.

Martin Angume's Body at National Theatre

Martin Angume’s Body at National Theatre

He left behind four children according to his Father Mr. Akulu and he will be buried today (Wednesday) at his father’s home in Kitwe, Kayonza sub county, Kayunga district.