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By Maureen Nakigozi

Julie Ssemuga wife to the fallen artiste Martin Angume has finally come out and denied rumours circulating around that it was her ‘bad luck’ that killed Angume.

While addressing mourners during Angume’s burial in Kitwe village, Kayonza Subcounty, Kayunga district on Wednesday, the teary Julie said that she has never been married to any man and Angume was her first husband so she doesnot know where the people get the rumours that she so far five men (husbands) have died in her arms.

Julie Ssemuga with Inlaws

Julie Ssemuga (Centre) with Mother in-Lae and Stecia Mayanja during Angume’s burial

She said that she has had one husband and that is Angume and will still be her husband though he is gone now.

She also dismissed rumours that she has not been there for Angume in the last hours of his life. “I have heard people saying that I was not there when Martin breathed his last but let assure you this, Martin died from my arms, I looked after Martin with one heart because he was my husband. Those who say that by the time Angume died I was not in hospital that I had gone to check on my father are telling lies because my father died long time ago, I have only my mother here with me . (she shows her mother to the public) this is my beautiful mother the only one am remaining with.”

“I  asked God to give Martin Angume another chance to live but my prayers were not answered and it was God’s will that Martin has left us.” She added.

Julie thanked all the people who have been there for Martin Angume, her fans, fellow artistes and the doctors at Mulago for the tireless efforts to save his life.

According to Angume’s father Mr. John Akullo, Julie had one child with Angume who was the couple’s last born.

Martin Angume died on Monday from complications from liver, Kidney and lungs failures. According to his family members he left behind four children and a wife Julie Semugga whom he was going to wed at the end of this month (May).