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A group of jobless Danish professionals have decided to put themselves  in a shop window as a way of attracting employers.

The job seekers in a shop window ranging from lawyers to academics, have lined up to be part of an ‘exhibit’ that sees them sitting and pretending to ‘work’ at a desk inside the Reputation Copenhagen store.

Passers-by stop  stop to gaze at them  and they greet back  with a sign that reads ‘an available academic is sitting here’.

They can also read a mini-profile of the candidate in the hope that one of them will supply them with work.

In their shop window ,they  spend their time in there updating their CVs, social media profiles and a Facebook page dedicated to the exhibit organised by DJOEF, a trade union for professionals.

Danish Jobseekers in Shop Window on Street

The rare approach has yielded results as three of those who took part found work within two days of putting themselves in the window.