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By Sandra Birungi

Iryn Namubiru is going to spend 40 days in jail ahead of her court hearing which is supposed to take place mid-June. She is to be either be charged or set free at the court hearing.

iryn namubiru 2

Unconfirmed reports of Namubiru’s arrest started circulating around early May saying that the talented singer and mother of two had been arrested in Tokyo, Japan for carrying illegal drugs into the country. Namubiru confirmed the reports that indeed she had been arrested but stressed that she was not part of the deal to carry the illegal drugs in the country. She pointed out that it was her promoter, Kim Ueno who was to blame for the whole saga.

Namubiru was in the country to hold a concert, Golden Week Holiday.

To help solve her case and release her from jail, Interpol took over the case. They are looking into the said promoter who apparently abandoned her in Japan after her arrest, and any other links to her drug burst. “We want to look at the people involved, their travel history, and everything that they are involved in to establish their involvement in the entire scenario,” said a source at Interpol.

With effect from today, Namubiru is going to spend a 40 day stay in jail. She is set to appear in court in June on the 22nd. The court ruling will decide if she is detained for drug trafficking or released.

If convicted, Namubiru faces a possibility of losing her property worth more than sh10 million.