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By Martha Nakimuli

Detained Ugandan singer ,Iryn Namubiru is learning Japanese language while in detention.

Iryn who is being held at Chiba Prefecture asked for Japanese Language books to learn the language.

Her lawyer Yuko Matsumoto said the books were already delivered to her and she has started reading .

Iryn Namubiru Arrested in Japan

Iryn told her lawyer that it has been unfortunate to her that even if she asks for salt ,she can not get it because as a prisoner she can not get an interpreter.She said that most people use sign language.

Namubiru was arrested in Tokyo, Japan, one week ago, where she had traveled to perform at the Golden Holy Week concert, which was scheduled for Saturday May 4. She was however found in possession of illegal drugs on arrival.

The Police have revealed that the ‘birowoozo’ singer was carrying Ecstasy (3, 4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine) .

The drugs were concealed in peanut butter .