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By Sandra Birungi

A town in Minnesota, Dorset which has a population of 22 people elected a four-year old boy, Robert “Bobby” Tufts to become their mayor.

The four-year old Tufts, according to the residents of the town may not be the right age but he sure has a way with the people. “He’s amazing. He’s just completely amazing,” said Kathy Schmidt, whose family has lived in the area for four generations. “He’s right in your face and well-spoken. You can’t imagine what a ball of fire he is.”

4 year old mayor 3Apart from being outspoken, Tufts sings and dances with his town flock. He guides his citizens safely across the street and always carries a big stick in hand.

He is also an expert fisherman and knows how to dole out advice about the best bait to use.

Tuft has a girlfriend, a girl who has his heart named Sophia. It is however not yet clear if Sophia knows that he has here heart.

Mayor Tufts was chosen during August 2012′s “Taste of Dorset” festival in which the small town selects its leader.

4 year old mayor 1This is not the first time that the town has had a child become its mayor. A 5-year-old from Chicago once run the town.

Bobby’s mom, 34-year-old Emma Tufts said her son ran a two-month campaign starting in late June 2012, visiting local restaurants and handing out pins with his photo imprinted that read, “Vote for Bobby!” In August, his name was picked out of a hat. “He was so excited and told everyone at daycare that he was going to be mayor forever,” Tufts said.

After winning, Tufts got a gift certificate from every business in town and an oak plaque that represented a key to the city. “He wears the title proudly and right now, I don’t mind the attention he is getting, it’s sort of fun. The other day, he was signing autographs,” his mother said.

4 year old mayor 4Apart from fishing, the four-year old mayor likes rock climbing, snow shoeing, hanging out with his girlfriend Sophia and likes chocolate ice cream. “He’s pretty precocious and gets a lot of attention when he goes out,” local resident Sally Wizik Wills, 64, owner of Sister Wolf Books said. “He’s a good ambassador for Dorset.”

4 year old mayor 2

4 year old mayor