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By Sandra Birungi

The three legged conjoined twins who were born on May 4th to Faith Noah, 33, and Misairi Akiror, 47 of Kumi district, Ngora have died.

One of the twins first passed away yesterday afternoon and second one in the evening.

three legged conjoined twins bornThe twins suffered a fever and flu last week on Monday. According to their father, the twins one of the twins, Apio seemed to be more affected than her twin sister, Adong. Okiror said at the time of their illness, “I am worried because my daughter Apio is not feeding well and yet Adong is a little healthier although with high temperature.”

The girls were conjoined from the chest up to the abdomen and share the three legs. The girls have passed away after losing their mother, Faith who passed away immediately after undergoing the C-section. Arrangements are underway to have their bodies transported back to their home in Ngora District.

At the time of their illness and untimely death, the twins were waiting to have complete examinations to see if they could be separated. They had separate hearts and at first, their condition did not seem bad.