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By Mirembe Martina

After Zoe Saldana appeared in action film ‘Colombiana’ as Cateleya, a heroine, the name now is one of the biggest names parents wish to give their children when born.

According to Social Security Administration (SSA), the name Cateleya is big now and Saldana is to thank for that. Unveiling its list of 2012′s most popular baby names on Thursday, the SSA said although Emma and Jacob are still on top of the list, the name Cataleya, is on the rise.

Popular baby names“Cataleya is the hottest name of the year so far, rising from nowhere — there were like 28 babies with that name born the previous year — to 636 in 2012,” name expert and author Laura Wattenberg from BabyNameWizard.com said. “Now it’s a Top 500 name for girls across America.”

“It has a lot going for it,” says Wattenberg. “It’s a flower. It has a pretty feminine sound as well as meaning, but yet you have this movie character. Now I don’t think anyone points to ‘Colombiana’ as one of the big cultural happenings of the year, but the name was brand-new and yet fit the rhythms, sounds, and meaning that parents are looking for. And, potentially, as an action movie, it would have appealed to both moms and dads, which is a plus. Honestly, having Zoe Saldana embody your name can never be a bad thing,” laughed Wattenberg.

Other popular names were Arya or Aria. “That name would have been at the top, but it’s not because it’s split between the two spellings,” explains Wattenberg. “They’re both pretty hot, especially Aria, which cracked the Top 100 for the first time.” Others were Jase, Gael, and Silas for the boys.