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An angel was reportedly caught on camera in Jarkata in 2011 .Though many people believed it was a hoax, a poll conducted after the rare incident showed that many people believed it was a real angel .

A luminous apparition tumbling to the ground and then soaring up again was  caught on a closed circuit television video at a supermarket in Jakarta.

Is this “angel-like spirit” for real? was a poll conducted on Huff Post

Yes! It’s an angel!

It’s a demon!

It’s an extraterrestrial!

It’s something else that we can’t explain!

These were some of the answers given by those who watched the tape.

Angel Canght on Tape in Jarkata

The alleged “angel” dashes into the view at the seventh second of the video as it drops down in a flash of light and lurches off again at a substantial angle to the ground. A crowd of passers-by then rush towards the place where the creature landed to investigate it.

The “angel” appears for just a second but can be seen quite clearly.

It was recorded in September 2011 but has gone viral on the Internet only recently.