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By Mirembe Martina

Yvette Prieto, the new wife of basketball legend, Micheal Jordan is our point of focus today.

35-year-old Prieto married Micheal Jordan in a 10 million dollar wedding in Palm Beach after two years of being engaged and five of dating.

Micheal jordan wedding 3

Yvette Prieto and Micheal Jordan on their wedding day.

Yvette Prieto met Jordan while dancing at a Miami nightclub in 2008. The two started living together in 2009 and he popped the question in 2011.

Prieto has influence over the 50-year-old Jordan; they recently moved from Chicago to a condominium in the Bear’s Club community in Jupiter, Florida. She grew up in Miami and it is possible that she did that to be closer to her family. “It’s amazing what women can talk you into doing,” Jordan said after Prieto convinced him to take a road trip to visit his family rather than take a jet.

Yvette Prieto 2She loves the water. “They have taken a number of sailing trips together and he’s learned to love fishing for yellow fin tuna, and making fresh sushi with his catch. On their first voyage, he “went stir crazy” but on “the most recent trip, he felt his rage dissolve.”

Prieto is a former model who also has brains. She studied business and worked in real estate and in a hospital.

She dated Enrique Iglesias’s elder brother, Julio Iglesias, Jr. who described her as “a fantastic girl

Prieto has never seen Jordan play professional basketball. “She never saw me at 218 [his weight back in the day],” Jordan told ESPN.