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By Mirembe Martina

Meera Ruparelia is Sudhir and Joystna Ruparelia’s eldest daughter aged 27. She recently got engaged to Ravi Kotecha.

Ravi Kotecha is 30 years older, just three years older than his wife to be. Kotecha is the son of a millionaire in Nairobi. Ravi’s family owns a multimillion dollar business in Kenya and grew up with his father in Kisumu, Nairobi.

Ravi Kotcha with Meera

Ravi and Meera.

Kotecha’s uncle, Bhasker Kotcha is the owner of Midcom in Uganda. Ravi studied at the University of Sheffield in the class of 2005 doing BSc Mathematics and Physics.

Kotecha and Meera had been mingling for quite a bit before they started dating. He is a big flirt and Meera too can assert that. “”It wasn’t love at first sight. He was flirtous for a long time but i paid no attention to him till last year,” Meera siad of her future husband.

He travels often and usually takes her to accompany him if she is not busy. “We meet once a month for a weekend depending on the situation, he comes to Uganda, i go to Kenya or we go out of Africa. We work and date and our families are okay with it because we are taking time to know ourselves better,” Meera said.

Ravi KotchaRavi and Meera got engaged in Switzerland on his birthday. A 2014 wedding is in the planning process. Meera’s father, Sudhir has already offered sh5 billion on their wedding, it is not clear if Ravi’s family is going to take care some of the wedding preparations. In Indian tradition, it is the women who offer bride price but how much it will be for Meera, it is not yet clear.