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By Emmanuel Omona PaOkech

Uganda and Southern Sudan governments yesterday signed an agreement which will improve on the relationship between the two countries.

The agreement was signed by the two Inspector Generals of Police of both Uganda and that of Southern Sudan in Boma Hotel in Gulu district on Tuesday evening.

Major General Kale Kayihura, the Ugandan Inspector General of Police told the press in Gulu that the agreement seeks to have a good relationship between the two nations.

Inspector of Police, Major General, Kale Kayihura

Inspector of Police, Major General, Kale Kayihura

The IGP also explained that the agreement will improve on the border security which he said that had a lot of complains from the local residents.

When asked on the compensation of the Ugandan traders who lost their goods while in Southern Sudan, Kayihura said that it was not only Ugandan traders who underwent through the challenge and that it may need time to document the losses.

Pieng D. Kuol, the Inspector General of Southern Sudan Police force when asked about the brutality of the people of southern Sudan on Ugandan Citizen said that they have put in place a number of measures which will end such vices.